pay attention

pay attention
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read my lips

Saturday, December 22, 2012

december 22 2012

I succumbed today to another idea inspired by 
a NET tree
....a craft from the 50's!
Everyone had one of these. 
I made a green one with my mom 
and I think we might have sewed seequins to it.'s today's creation 

for instructions

The base for my tree is a piece of silverplate 
that I recently found at a thrift store
It's rather pretty and the filigree edge allowed me to attach
prisms..(my favorite thing)

maybe I will spray with adhesive and sprinkle on some
white glitter dust
but for now I'm leaving it alone....
This was so worth it..
the net was $1.99 a yd and I needed 3.5 yds
the dowel under $1.00
You don't need a fancy pedestal or prisms 
just build the tree and set it out for all to enjoy.....

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