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pay attention
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read my lips

Saturday, December 15, 2012

December 15 2012

Just opened Dec 15th on my Jacquie Lawson Advent Calendar

this years version is just the best...I wish I had a bunch of kids here to enjoy opening each day with me.
I have had a connection to Jacquie Lawson cards for years and years having first received one from my neighbor, Jo.  

I find it odd these days that the Christmas season is over in a flash.
How did that happen?  As a child it would take
for Christmas to get here.
Now, I dread Dec 26.  All the lights and decorations put away...
it is so dull and ordinary without them.
I'm not so far gone that I need to keep the house Christmasy everyday of the year...
and surely that would tasnish the shine of it all 
I can understand that some people do that.
Maybe I should search them out and ask if I could drop by 
perhaps in July and enjoy a bit of holiday spectacle?
When I come across a Christmas themed store 
I so enjoy browsing 
no matter that it is springtime or 
middle of summer.  Entering into all that red and green and glitter and shine?
And, as for all the other retailers that have Christmas decorations out in October?

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