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pay attention
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read my lips

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

December 4 2012 did it again...Pinterest MADE ME DO IT...

Last July saw a Christmas door decoration that I had to copy...did you see it?...the vintage ice skate stufed with greens ?....for some reason this so inspired me...I have never ice skated, not as a kid in Missouri and never here in California....but that skate and silvery blade really screamed WINTER! CHRISTMAS! to me. 

Searched out white vintage ice skates on

and purchased a very nice slightly aged pair of leather white skates ....


The  Pinterest inspiration version had black and white checked long laces go 

and find

..the  photo below is the first one I doesn't have the 'snow' glitter dust on it yet, the greens are real cedar and pine from the Sierras, faux poinsettia, and berries.....'s the second one I made..(get it?...PAIR of skates)

..this one.....all the trimmings are faux...and it is presently hanging in a the local Mercedes dealership in my daughter's office....

...the finishing touch is the whte glitter is so icy..makes the blades look like they just cut across the rink!

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