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pay attention
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read my lips

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Saturday Feb 25

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JOE...I see in the email there are lots of ecards stacking up for him...he needs to get up and start opening them!  I believe my husband is 71 years old today...I really can't see how that is possible...he just seems the same ...the same busy, vigorous, smart, good person he has always been...that number '71' is sure a big one and I guess it has to be correct but.....

I will fix a tasty dinner for him but we plan to co-celebrate his birthday with Mike's next cake with two that fair ??  It has been the case for so many of these too close together birthdays, Joe, Feb 25, Mike, March 1.

Today if the weather is as warm as yesterday....I must work in the patio and clean it up....the primroses in the pots are blooming and need tidy surroundings....dirty ol' debris from the eucalyptus trees...and the olive tree, everywhere ....there's a  calla lily trying to brighten the area ....big job for a single bloom....

Last night ...SHARK TANK
could watch hours of hearing these entrepreneurs or wanna be's, plead their their song and dance......then the BEST happens ....the Sharks circle and take 'em apart....get to the heart of it....compliment and/or crush where deserved.... invest or not in the pitch.....HURRAH ....great fun....$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

One last in new ones....arrived in the mail yesterday 
....Gee WaWA brand....yummy leather leather leather...inside, outside, and on the bottom.....
Gee WaWa shoes, sandalsand boots are designed with an authentic artisan look and feel. Gee WaWa’s shoes are tastefully eclectic with an air of the bohemian. Only the finest materials are used; vegetable dyed leathers, calf suedes and soft, distressed leathers. 

Among the many innovative styles you will find are unique Gee WaWa woven ballets, high wedges andboots in interesting materials. The Gee WaWa look is distinctly retro-inspired, with a modern twist.

If you love the look of cool artisan footwear, reminiscent of some fabulous vintage store find, Gee WaWa shoes, sandalswedges, and boots are a must-have in your shoe collection. Each design is uniquely crafted with high quality materials and inventive style. Gee WaWa shoes feature comfortably padded leather footbeds and leather linings to make them comfortable as well as chicly stylish.

The Gee WaWa customer is anyone who isn’t afraid to own and express their unique personal style, to mix and match looks from different eras in a style all their own. Gee WaWa allows the style-conscious to do just that, while being completely comfortable at the same time.

I opted for the DAPHNE in navy blue

...ordered from SOLESTRUCK
..this company in Oregon...FREE SHIPPING...ordered on on Friday...
...description warned that you need to go down a 1/2 size...EXACTLY right...perfect fit...comfy.....


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