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pay attention
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read my lips

Friday, October 26, 2012

OCTOBER 26 2012

I've decided that I am not too embarrassed
 to show the rest of the decorations
and not EVEN ashamed to RE-POST some! 
..understand ....
that this stuff delights me!
so...bear with me....


...the four little itty bitty ghosts are candles...
The candy dish just sits there and begs to be emptied
...the other three ceramic ghosts are really scary
 'cause they have flame less twinkly votives inside.

...this is back up supply of candy corn in case the ghost dish goes empty!
The two glass candy corns are my most favorite of all the Halloween decorations...

wish I had more of 'em (believe me.. I search

all the time for them)

The jack o' lantern dish...$1.99..... on the clearance at KOHL'S and I think I had 30% off of THAT!
you tell  me....could I pass that up?

..the original Halloween 'costume'...a simple black mask!
...that and a pillow case for the treats......
apparently,  that just doesn't work anymore... on every corner there is a warehouse sized store
with a big sign 
..I went in one the other day...just for the pain of it....
....rows and rows of racks 
.....floor to ceiling
sooooo much CRAP!
A princess costume caught my eye...
dozens of packages 
 from XTRA small to 
XTRA large 
(royalty comes in all sizes)
Pictured on the package was a sweet wee princess
wearing a  beautiful dress, a crown, matching velvet slippers, a necklace and bracelet, a furry boa around her shoulders and she was waving a golden wand with a sparkly star on the end....oh and I forgot...little miss prissy had a flowing golden wig...
My...ALL  that in this small package????
I studied the CONTENTS list

featured accessories are NOT INCLUDED

and then..... I glanced at the price tag....

$49.99 ???? there any question why they call it

...meanwhile back to Halloween decor...

This paper cut out skeleton is a greeting card from eons ago
it folds up and the folds are getting kinda weak
probably gonna have to resort to some tape on those joints soon
...but hey! ....this guy is tooooo cute ...

These were orange when I bought them at the grocery store...
Purple suits them better and a little glitter? sure I'll take a scoop...
the basket holds river rocks most of the year so those had to be stashed away for the season.
'what are these rocks doing in my garage?'
(unsolicited remark from spouse)
The basket of purple pumpkins sits on the porch a nice compliment to the wreath...

in case you forgot what that looks like.... be continued...

(YES...there actually is MORE!)

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