pay attention

pay attention
read my lips

read my lips

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

April 4 Wednesday

A too long hike has put the yellow lab on the 'take it easy' list....he is really sore in the right hind quarter...hope he is better by morning...

he kinda looks like a labra-BUNNY !???

Can't stop painting/decorating eggs...this minute some eggs are half painted with blackboard paint ....going to roll 'em over and paint the other side when they eggs are kinda odd...or not!..(where do black sheep come from) ...saw the idea on Pinterest (damn that Pinterest!)...and had to give it a whirl.....sorta want to paint EVERYTHING with blackboard paint ...think it is the wildest invention big problem...I  do not have any am I gonna test this ????

ORANGE..was the first clue..
Got in trouble at the local Thrift Store today...thought this crocheted shrug would be kinda funky and summery with white pants...white tank top underneath...didn't bother trying it on.....(who tries on stuff at the thrift store.?..or garage sales?...same difference..) so.....surprise! surprise! not a good look....what was I thinking???? ..tomorrow it goes back to the shop as a donation.....should I do the charitable thing and NOT take it back? others from it????

..gotta get back to the blackboard eggs...

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